New York City

Senior Editorial Writer

We’re looking for someone with an understanding and passion for the design innovation space, comes with a business sense, but a journalist at heart who loves the art of storytelling. We’re looking for a big-picture thinker who can develop an editorial calendar, fine-tune our voice then harvest the intelligence of our 120-person office to create clear and compelling communications ranging from blog posts and web content to third-party articles and first-person presentations.

Responsibilities are likely to include:

  • Work with Marketing team to develop editorial calendar component of strategic communication plan
  • Work with content leads to develop thought leadership pieces/POV’s (framing the point of view appropriate for business audience)
  • Write marketing content and customize for specific communication outlets
  • Support Marketing in obtaining third-party editorial placement
  • Support content leads and business development to ensure we deliver stellar pitches and proposals to prospective clients
  • Harvest fresh content during project close-out process to identify new POV’s, create new case studies and evolve editorial calendar with fresh new innovations

Naturally, you have

Excellent project management skills, understanding prioritization and management of timetables and deadlines

Ability to collaborate with content partners from many different design disciplines and coordinate across 3 studios both onsite and remotely

A highly inquisitive mind that can switch gears effortlessly across industries, business topics, and cultural trends.