WATCH: Rethinking the TV experience

Connected TV may be the next big thing in media and advertising, but why has it taken so long to take off?

Most connected TV experiences seem to be stuck in the “search and browse” paradigm associated with the Internet. This might seem like a logical approach, due to the amount of content available, but it results in a fractured experience.

It forces people to “hunt” for content and creates a “dip-in, dip-out” experience that is not very relaxing, and certainly not entertaining. It is the antithesis of the “sit back and relax” feeling people seek from a TV experience.

What we need is a smarter TV experience – one that automatically recognizes the viewer, then aggregates content from multiple sources based on their preferences, and creates a unique set of curated content channels for them.

Smart Design has re-imagined the smart TV experience through a design concept that simplifies the technology and dials up the personalization. There’s no more channel surfing in search for something you like. It will be done for you, tailored to your tastes, moods and viewing behavior. That’s smart.

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