New York

We welcome interns in all areas of the company: industrial design, design research, engineering, communication design, interaction design, marketing, accounting, project management and studio administration.

A few things to note:

We love interns at all levels of their careers: undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students.

Our internships are seasonal: winter, spring, summer, and fall. We start accepting applications about 6 months prior, so plan your application ahead of time.

Our teams are multidisciplinary so you’ll be exposed to all types of great people and interesting projects.

Internships are paid, but what you’ll gain most from your time at Smart is real-world exposure to a talent-driven design culture and a hardworking and friendly team.

When applying, don’t forget to put the discipline you’re applying to (ID, Interaction, Engineering, Brand, etc.) in your introduction letter.

Naturally, you have:

  • Specific experience for the internship you’re applying for
  • Irrepressible enthusiasm for design, research, learning, sharing, and building stuff
  • Big thinkers and great listeners
  • Lots of initiative, attention to detail, and take ownership of your work