Dan Saffer

Dan Saffer

Creative Director
San Francisco

Dan is a Creative Director at Smart Design. The son of a plumber and a psychologist, Dan Saffer feels the interaction design he does is a little bit of both. Since 1995, he has designed everything from websites to consumer electronics to robots. He feels that design isn’t only about problem solving, but about creating a better, more humane, future.

As Smart, Dan leads the interaction design practice, guiding teams to create new interaction paradigms across a wide range of products, spanning both digital and physical. You’ll find Dan’s work at the intersection of new technology and everyday life, changing how people think, work, and connect.

Dan has worked with a wide variety of clients from Fortune 500 giants such as Microsoft and Time Warner to startups like AnyBots. He speaks and teaches workshops on design around the world. In 2008, he coined the term “topless meeting” (for a meeting without laptops), which was a finalist for Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year and Time Magazine’s #10 Buzzword of 2008.

Dan has written three books on design – “Designing for Interaction,” “Designing Gestural Interfaces,” and “Designing Devices” – which are required reading for any student of interaction design. Dan’s latest book, “Microinteractions,” was published in 2013 to great acclaim.

He holds a master’s degree in interaction design from Carnegie Mellon University.