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Smart Salon

We are spending more time at home than ever before, as technology has blurred the boundaries between how we live, work, and play. Looking forward to the year 2030, home life will likely be facing an even greater set of challenges. How can we start preparing now to anticipate the need of the future?

Francesca Passoni

The appetite for smart home products is clearly growing, as 1.3 billion connected products are expected to be in U.S. homes by 2022. As technology continues to evolve at a lightning pace, how can we make sure it is working to solve our real problems? In order to prevent these innovations from becoming gimmicks, we must work to infuse value and meaning into smart home products and systems by avoiding several common pitfalls.

Kelly Clark & John Anderson

Stephanie and John recently presented at the 99u conference, here’s a summary of their masterclass.

Stephanie Yung & John Anderson
Smart Salon

Technology, transportation, and innovation are converging to relieve the pressure of urbanization, but at what cost? We gathered a panel of experts to better understand and activate the power we have to improve how people and parcels move around our cities.

Louise Astley

How a design sprint reveals opportunities for product development and innovation to tackle the impact of limited daylight on our workouts and psyche.

Omar Bakhshi

Every part of a city - from data to people to business - is important in any future of transport innovation project, as they are all reliant on each other. Whether or not we design in this way, will mean the difference between a utopian or a dystopian future.

Anna Soisalo

For our cities to flourish and grow, we need to address the consequence of our convenience - the instant gratification of our parcel services.

Nathaniel Giraitis

The next-generation approach to mobility will have to take into consideration an additional variable beyond personal convenience – city health – to achieve both micro- and macro-level success.

Nathaniel Giraitis
Project Junior

Having a child as a single woman wasn’t my first choice of life plan. Until recently, I didn’t even realize it was an option.

Stephanie Yung
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