The Innovation

Drinkfinity’s market differentiation comes from the integration of three consumer-centric innovations that offer a unique and seamless user experience.

1. A durable and reusable vessel: It is designed to meet people’s preference for a reusable bottle that travels with them throughout the day. It has a 24-ounce capacity, a specially designed drinking spout, and a magnetized cap with lanyard holder.

2. A pod and water platform: The vessel can be refilled with water many times throughout the day, a big part of its appeal, but sometimes people want more than just water. An integral part of the Drinkfinity platform is the proprietary beverage pods that activate when water is added and mixed. The compact pods take little room, requires less fuel to ship, and they’re recyclable after use, all of which reduces the net environmental impact.

3. Mixing liquid and powder ingredients: Other beverage pods on the market (e.g. K-Cups) use either liquid or dry powder ingredients – not both – because they can’t be stored together or they’ll lose their active state. However, Drinkfinity’s pods contain liquid and powder, yet still work effectively – thanks to a patent-pending design that keeps them separate until the moment the pod is pierced in the vessel’s chamber.

Award Winning Design

Consumers and design experts alike have praised the thoughtful innovation behind Drinkfinity. Most notably, the Institue of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) recognized Drinkfinity with the “Best of Show” and “Top Non-Alcoholic Beverage” awards at the 2015 AmeriStar Package Award Competition.


The Solution: A truly iterative approach to innovation

PepsiCo and Smart Design brought Drinkfinity to life via a grassroots, consumer-driven approach that relied on constant feedback and suggestions from a selected group of early adopters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A physical “Drinkfinity Lab” space was built to facilitate co-creation, iterative learnings, and a shared sense of community and mission. The involvement of this “beta” group turned out to be crucial to the design of the overall Drinkfinity product family and also its e-commerce launch strategy in Brazil. While the current Drinkfinity platform is truly disruptive today, a consumer-centric approach constantly uncovers new opportunities, which will allow Drinkfinity to continue to evolve the beverage system with new technologies and experiences.