Ensuring big ideas see the light of day

Realization expertise is key to our enviable track record of bringing products and services successfully to market. We ensure that design intent is maintained within the realities of manufacturing, supply chains, channels, digital platforms, and business models. We build, test and iterate prototypes in our own workshops. Our multi-decade client relationships have enabled us to develop our capability based on hands-on experience. We have established new product supply networks for start-ups, run in-market pilots, and liaised with digital development partners to roll out multi-platform digital experiences.

Our multi-decade client relationships have enabled us to develop our capability based on hands-on experience.

Product Development

We work with our clients and partners on new product development strategy to bring products to market through development, manufacturing and fulfillment.

  • Physical sciences and mechanical design
  • IP opportunities and challenges
  • Electronics hardware and software integration
  • Materials selection
  • Tool ready 3D CAD creation
  • On-site prototype production and assembly
  • Vendor identification and selection
  • High- and low-volume manufacturing support
Digital Realization

We work closely with software development teams to move from prototypes to launch.

  • Digital experience prototyping specifics
  • Lo-fidelity through high-fidelity prototyping cycles
  • Digital screen-based prototyping
  • Physical prototyping with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Wiring, and processor evaluation
  • Augmented and mixed reality prototyping
  • Video prototyping
  • Documentation and specifications
  • Template and component development and documentation
  • Build evaluation and product testing
  • Design intent training, support, and coaching for developers
  • Development management
Business Realization

We assess market risks and nail down the business fundamentals.

  • Market sizing and opportunity evaluation
  • Business case refinement
  • Channel and go-to-market strategy
  • Business implementation support
  • Pilot planning and evaluation
  • Organization design and capability development

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