Creating the path to future success

Purely analytical, business-centered strategies for delivering growth have proven ineffective. Smart Design offers a new path: a combination of customer and user experiences, and business innovation that maps out future scenarios and offers incremental business value and better experiences for people.

We use prototyping, co-creation and rich storytelling, along with business design tools, to give organizations the confidence needed to move forward with bold initiatives.

Business Design

We work with companies to design businesses, not just the underlying products or services. In pursuing new adjacencies and white space opportunities, we analyze the implications to our clients’ business models, clarify strategies for market entry, and provide a path to effective implementation. Our approaches, which combine traditional strategy with entrepreneurial management and design thinking, allow companies to deliver innovation with speed and focus.

Experience Strategy

We create experiences that seamlessly connect products, services, digital platforms, communications and brands. We look at both the customer experience and capabilities within a company to identify opportunities and create realizable strategies. Our strategies result in experiences that command customer loyalty and create long-term competitive advantage.

Capabilities Development

We create the structures, practices, and tools that help organizations better manage and inspire innovation. Through close collaboration with clients, we enable senior leaders to drive the change required to enable breakthrough growth opportunities in their organizations, and support cross-functional staff to evolve how work gets done.