Designing a different mindset

Smart worked with UCB and OXO, the brand behind the Good Grips line, to completely rethink the self-injection process. While the business goal was to maximize medication adherence for our client, we knew putting patients in control of their own medication would require more than designing a successful tool. It would also need carefully considered communication design.

To get there, we were guided by the belief that people don’t want to be constantly reminded that they’re sick. This led us to our vision of giving patients more “good days” through an experience that’s simple, quick and lets people get back to enjoying everyday life.


Engineered for serious pain

Throughout the project, our design team was in close communication with six extreme RA patients. We followed their daily routines and shadowed them as they struggled with everyday challenges. With our research in hand, we delved deep into ergonomics and biomechanics since the product would need to work with a wide range of dexterity levels.

Approved by the FDA in May 2009, the new syringe has gained the trust of even the most severe arthritis patients. The design allows patients to exert an average of 48 percent more force despite weakness in their hands and joints that are sensitive to pressure. It’s also received the “Ease-of-Use” Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

A holistic experience from beginning to end

The truth is, wellness is as emotional as it is physical. That’s why the Cimzia experience is also designed to minimize stigmas. For instance, the packaging is not only functional. It’s also user-friendly and helpful. The easy-to-open, three-step kit is written in plain language, making it easy to understand as well as read. It also includes information on responsible disposal, closing the safety loop for patients.

Put simply, the Cimzia home injection experience puts the patient’s journey first. Because when you live with any kind of disease, we know that empathy can really make a big difference.