The challenge

HSBC’s staff used six software programs for almost all aspects of their job, from complex financial transactions to managing client data of the highest security. But legacy systems and different user experience frameworks were causing major frustrations and delay in servicing their clients.

What we discovered

We met with stakeholders, managers, back office admin and CEOs in seven cities and three continents to understand their workflow and how we might improve the user experience to help them do their jobs better. We brought the managers from each software program together in one place for the very first time, and throughout the course of the service design project, conducting workshops that allowed them to explain their unique goals and challenges, and better understand how to build a consistent user experience across the applications that would serve all of their needs.

What we delivered

Each application was redesigned, resulting in a common framework that helps a user understand all programs by learning only one. And it wasn’t only productivity that we focused on. An optimized UX framework will help the staff service their clients more effectively by dynamically recalling critical information, which enabled them to provide the white glove service their clients expect. We delivered prototypes and code to the internal development team, and helped train HSBC’s developers in China to launch the user experience as we envisioned. At launch, we partnered with internal teams to create materials to train staff and socialize internally, helping users understand the value the software would bring in their day-to-day jobs.


Why it mattered

Improving UX is enabling staff to work more effectively, ultimately helping HSBC to deliver best-in-class IT applications and improve the service clients expect. The desktop application is currently being launched to HSBC Private Bank staff around the world, and we continue to partner with our client to develop a mobile experience.

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