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Bringing an energy management giant into consumer homes.

Schneider Electric

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    Schneider Electric
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    Energy Management
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    Customer Research, UX Design, Industrial Design, Prototyping

When businesses and hotels around the world love your heating and cooling systems, but consumers have never heard of you, how do you break into homes with a blast of instant gratification?

This was the challenge that Schneider Electric brought to the Smart Design team. After decades as a leader in B2B energy management, Schneider had a huge knowledge share in smart energy technology and a sterling reputation among utilities companies, but zero consumer recognition. They enlisted Smart to help change that.

We designed an intelligent thermostat system that adapts to your needs and helps you make smarter energy decisions, too. It also gets great ratings on Amazon.

The Wiser Air thermostat system

In pursuit of the perfect temperature.

To connect with consumers and develop a satisfying product experience to match, Smart researchers and designers collaborated with Schneider and homeowners throughout the project. We looked at the competition, mapped out user journeys and dug deep into each homeowner’s day through co-creation activities and prototypes to understand what consumers want and need. A big insight that emerged from the research: How the service makes you feel is just as important as how it functions. In other words, comfort and control are king.

The result of our collaboration: the Wiser Air—a home energy management system that’s easy, intuitive and even fun. The more it learns, the more efficiently it runs.


This was all about taking a user-first approach—one that connected Schneider’s amazing technology with people in delightful ways.

Anthony Di Bitonto
Smart Design Partner

Brains and beauty.

With its minimalist design and friendly, intuitive interface, the Wiser Air is a “head-turning, habit-learning, money-saving command center” that puts users in control of their comfort wherever, whenever. A hierarchy of information gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t, with current temperature, weather and power usage at your fingertips.

Close for comfort.

The Wiser Air knows where you are, what time it is, and how climate affects you. A unique Comfort Boost option lets you quickly put the system on instant heating or cooling mode for a set amount of time. Different modes like Home, Away and Vacation help you control your energy usage better, and everything can be adjusted on the fly.