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Since HP and Smart first collaborated in 1996, we’ve helped them grow their business in both the corporate and consumer space while staying true to their core offering. Together we’ve designed more than 100 products, platforms and services, from best-selling printers to cloud-based services for managing complex files to photo-sharing digital ecosystems.

Memories to go.

Help people print their photos anywhere quickly and easily. This was the driving idea behind the design of the now legendary HP Photosmart printers. The Smart team focused on creating a friendly, appliance-like printer with an intuitive interface for easy setup and operation. The fruits of our collaboration were the first truly portable photo printers on the market and went on to become some of HP’s best-selling products. Over the years, Smart has created more than 100 products for HP’s digital imaging division, which includes cameras, printers and scanners.

Larger than life.

Our five-year engagement to help HP rethink its large-format printer business focused on innovating beyond mere product feature updates. We worked with our target audience of architects, engineers and construction workers to understand how we could help them do their jobs better—and then designed product experiences to match. Ultimately, we delivered a platform of four products, as well as a cloud-based digital service to help HP customers easily access, manage and print files from any device. Better workflow, check. A more customer-centric business model and a pipeline of innovation for HP? Check, check.

It’s been a very collaborative relationship. There’s a certain level of trust that grows when you work together for so long. HP has been very much about working side-by-side to achieve our goals and get things done. For us, it’s all about helping them connect to a broader consumer audience.

Richard Whitehall
Partner at Smart

Productivity plus.

Paper handling can be a huge challenge for businesses such as law or medical offices, where productivity is on the clock and every second counts. We designed the HP ScanjetEnterprise 9000 to be a total solution for fast-paced needs. Sophisticated enough for IT management, yet simple enough for everyday use, the printer adjusts accordingly to user IQ. It’s easy to use, simple to install and can be effortlessly integrated into existing document management systems.

Window of opportunity.

In this project Smart set out to rethink the desktop scanner, which typically takes up too much room on your desktop. We created the HP ScanJet 4670, a vertical scanner that not only saves space but creates an engaging user experience. The clear window makes it easy to position documents while displaying the scanning process. A removable frame can be used to scan oversized books, wall art or just about anything you want to capture.