Space for innovation: Is the physical space still crucial for creative proccesses?

Design Director

About the salon

The landscape of creative work is in flux. Remote possibilities clash with the collaborative buzz of the studio, AI tools reshape processes, and diversity takes center stage. At Smart Design we’ve embraced hybrid work model, but also invested in our physical space. In our new studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we work to balance evolving hybrid work tools and collaboration styles with the uniquely physical nature of product work. Our Smart Salon, in collaboration with Vitra highlighted the many ways the physical space has adapted and evolved to reflect our current environment. 

About the panel

Daniela Macias is a Global Experience Design Manager at Colgate Palmolive, a leading global consumer products company. She leverages strategic, scalable product design and innovation to enhance the health and wellness of people and their pets globally.

Chris Palermo is a global specialist at Cisco Systems who focuses on smart & sustainable workspaces, enterprise collaboration, and the challenges presented by the changing world of hybrid work.

Raphael Gielgen is the Trendscout at Vitra, an iconic furniture design firm. His workplace design is fueled by curiosity for architecture, technology, and social change.

About Julianna Miller

Julianna Miller is an ID Director who has a passion for working in the gray area between ID, UX and strategy to bring new products to market. She brings expertise in user centered product innovation and with over 13 years of experience has worked across Healthcare, Fitness, Beauty and Consumer Packaged Goods. Their notable clients include Hydrow and Guide Beauty both of which received IF Design Awards and recognition for Fast Company.

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