Tech Week: AI and creativity

Technical Product Manager
Strategy Director

Smart Design hosted an event in our studio for NYTechWeek where Jamie Munger, Strategy Director, presented “AI and creativity: Embracing AI as our new creative partner.”

Tyler Sanborn, Product Manager, followed up by moderating a panel with Eva Kozanecka, Strategy Lead, Artists + Machine Intelligence (AMI) at Google, and Nathan Phillips, founder of DumDum, a creative consultancy. We spoke about how AI can augment creativity using several different lenses, whether it be identifying whitespace between disciplines that can be discovered, or helping with rapid prototyping on one’s own work.

About Tyler Sanborn

Tyler Sanborn is a Product Manager who brings a background spanning ad agencies, startups, and digital publishing. He has expertise in technology and has worked across healthcare, pharma, apparel, and financial services. His notable clients include Vans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of California and Truth, the anti-big tobacco campaign. He holds a degree from Emerson College and has a passion for computer science history and all things automotive.

About Jamie Munger

Jamie Munger leads large scale research programs to identify strategic opportunities relating to youth, education, digital wellbeing and emerging technologies. She earned advanced degrees in Sociology, Design and Business and published the book “Putting People at the Heart ofPolicy Design.

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