Fast Company

5 lessons in voice UI


Only recently have we started to converse with technology, asking it questions, making requests, and so much more. A great way to convey brand personality and deepen relationships with customers, voice is one of the biggest design challenges for brands today.

Our IxD team has been busy exploring and pushing the boundaries of designing for voice UI over the past year, designing a proof-of-concept voice app for Gatorade Gx, and creating a personalized assistant for a woman living with MS for the upcoming BBC Two series The Big Life Fix.

Check out what we’ve gleaned from the frontline, as we’ve been implementing proven design principles and new, VUI-centric ones to help us lay the foundation for the future of screenless experiences. Head to Fast Company for Efrat Weidberg’s perspective: 5 lessons we learned working in design’s wild west.

Feb 2018