A Great Case Study For CGOs: The 10-Yr Innovation Journey Of Gatorade’s Gx Ecosystem


Smart Design and Gatorade partnered to build an ecosystem of products and services that transformed the brand. The Gx ecosystem offers Gatorade the potential to delve into new channels of innovation that weren’t possible before. A new Forbes article, written by Michelle Greenwald, dives into the Gatorade Gx journey, revealing key learnings that can be applied by any innovation leader.

In 2013, the Brazilian World Cup Soccer Team asked Gatorade how it could optimize team member performance in preparation for the 2014 World Cup, with formulas customized based on each athlete’s unique hydration needs. Since then, Gatorade and New York based Smart Design, the product and service design consultancy, have collaborated through 8 phases of a highly iterative process to envision, develop, and optimize an ecosystem of new product and services known as Gatorade Gx.


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Oct 2023