Adopting personalization with care


From our news feeds and calendars to our beauty products and fashion, everything in our lives is being personalized and optimized. As predictive technology expands and artificial intelligence permeates every day-to-day task, the demand for customized products and services increases—but at what cost? How can designers save us from entrapment, where we are never surprised, challenged, prodded to progress or change our minds? Tucker Fort, Smart Design partner and innovation lead, discussed the potential pitfalls and growth opportunities for companies adopting personalization at Fortune’s Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore, in his interview with TIME’s Executive Editor, Matt Vella.

“As a trend, personalization is growing and will start coming together in the next few years. On the business side, a lot of startups have a heavy personalized element to the services they are delivering, and you need that to have a competitive advantage,” said Tucker.

His best advice is to adopt the technique with care and start small if you want to reap big rewards. “Personalization is a super power, so you have to be careful how you use it. There is nothing worse than being served up the wrong personalized experience.” Tucker says. He urges companies to to start testing personalization on a small scale to see what works and what leads to over-complexity. 

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Mar 2018