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Amplifon wins second place at DMI Awards


We are proud to announce that the Amplifon CX transformation wins second place Award at the 2020 DMI Design Value Awards.

With the threat from new competitors emerging from adjacent categories, and shifts in regulation and technology, Smart Design teamed up with Amplifon to be at the forefront of innovation and help people live fuller lives by reducing the burden and social stigma of hearing loss. The result, a new global customer experience that would ensure they remain at the forefront of innovation in the category.

By launching customer-centric initiatives, Amplifon aims to normalize and consumerize the experience, making hearing care solutions more transparent, trusted, and accepted by prospects and existing customers. Underpinning the CX strategy is the development of a digital ecosystem that enables Amplifon to personalize the customer experience for different customer types. The resulting experience guides customers through understanding their hearing loss, finding the right hearing aid, adjusting to wearing a hearing aid, supporting their everyday lives and discovering new products based on their usage patterns.

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Oct 2020