Yale School of Management:

Brandy Fowler to deliver MBA Innovation Summit keynote


Hosted by students from Columbia Business School, Wharton, and Yale School of Management, the 7th annual MBA Innovation Summit brings together hundreds of top business strategy and design students, and leading corporate and startup investors. With the theme of Convergence, this year’s conference focuses on how we can break down silos across industries to learn from the most innovative strategies and techniques.

Smart’s Strategy Director, Brandy Fowler will be part of this year’s “Speaker Series” alongside other design leaders, with a talk on ‘finding inspiration from unconventional places to build category-defining products.’ She will highlight how our design teams leverage learnings from several different industries to create meaningful new solutions.

The day-long event will include keynotes, panels, hands-on workshops and an Employer Showcase. This year’s summit will be held on February 16th at the TKP Center. Head to their website for more details.

Feb 2018