Three experts advocate for inclusive design


Last month, the world celebrated inaugural World Interaction Design Day, celebrating the theme and timely topic of diversity and inclusion. In New York, three expert designers gathered to celebrate and share how creatives can build a world focused on inclusion, accessible experiences and shared dialogue.

Designer, Marie van Driessche, author Liz Fosslein, and our own Technology Director, John Anderson took the stage to share their ideas on how to make information, teams and products accessible to everyone. John began by referencing the story of the OXO swivel peeler, designed for extreme users to cover an entire spectrum and general mass of users. In reference to his work with BBC 2’s the Big Life Fix, John discussed how when designing products or services, we need make sure that there are multiple options for users to engage, and went on to share the story of designing for one person by creating an accessible voice UI solution for a woman living with MS.

Marie van Driessche addressed how we should approach copy and writing for accessibility. For many deaf people, English is a second language, and 50% of US adults are unable to read at an eighth grade level. The third speaker, Liz Fosslein, explored how to create inclusive environments at work and how to solve some of the issues she sees every day.

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Oct 2018