The Times of London:

How is cloud technology transforming sport?


Sports organizations are using cloud-based technology on and off the field, enabling massive amounts of data to be crunched, analyzed and presented to achieve record goals and reach a growing audience worldwide.

Used by top NBA, NFL and MLB teams in America as well as international football clubs, Gatorade Gx is paving the way professional athletes monitor and regulate their hydration with the use of real-time technology solutions. “In the four years since Gx was first piloted, we have seen an explosion of software and the internet of things infiltrating every aspect of sports science and performance. Cloud-based solutions are no longer experimental, they are absolutely required to be competitive,” says Tucker Fort, Smart Design partner and Gatorade Gx innovation lead.

Cloud technology is also helping to democratize sports broadcasting and production, delivering content over the internet and allowing lower tier sports organizations to compete with big budget operations and keep up with consumer demand. New technology solutions even play a role in tailoring the fan experience by digitizing how organizations engage with their fans.

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Jan 2018