TTC Labs:

Co-designing with teens and parents for online supervision


TTC Labs (Trust, Transparency and Control Labs) is a cross-industry effort to create innovative design solutions that put people in control of their privacy, initiated and supported by Meta. Through our partnership with Meta, we conducted co-design sessions with teens and parents/guardians to provide safe and empowering experiences for teens as they learn, create, play, and interact online for an in-depth report.

This initiative was focused on helping us explore key questions relevant to the design of family-oriented digital experiences, including how to:

  • Design for a diverse range of teen needs, both within and across age groups and family types.

  • Protect a teen’s right to be online, while considering the rights and duties of guardians

  • Account for certain groups of teens who might have distinct privacy and safety needs.

  • Help teens find support from social media apps, peers, guardians, or other trusted adults.


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Dec 2022