Human-centered healthcare campaigns for millennials


The rejection of long-term birth control options by Millennial women has long been a subject of debate, as the healthcare industry aims to avert the instance of unplanned pregnancies.

Smart Design recently joined forces with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy to carry out research amongst these women, and used design methodologies to uncover deep insights about what they really wanted from their birth control.

To bridge the gap between the often ineffective marketing messaging we see today, and healthcare campaigns that drive impact, Smart’s team identified a compelling and personalized campaign solution that is founded in the shared experiences of today’s Millennial women. 

Through this research defining the Whoops Proof Birth Control campaign, we uncovered five key insights that are relevant beyond birth control, and can be applied to a range of healthcare campaigns for this Millennial audience. Read on for the full article on

Oct 2016