Context is key in the world of airline retailing


As the future of airline retailing continues to grow, the passenger travel experience is becoming much more personalized and enhanced. However, caution must be taken to ensure that travelers do not become overwhelmed with choices that are irrelevant to them, and as the market becomes more fragmented, it can be tough for customers to find what they want.

Last month at the Passenger Experience conference, Strategy Director Nate Giraitis explored the risk of bombarding travelers with too many choices and the importance of knowing the context to engage people at just the right moment.

“The issue is that infinite choice is paralyzing to the human psyche. As the amount of choice increases, the effort of choosing increases and confidence that the selection was the right choice decreases,” Nate noted, explaining that personalization helps to cut through the noise when dealing with an abundance of choices. The travel industry can learn from the personalized retail space, where companies like Netflix are analyzing consumer behavior to put only the most relevant choices in front of its customers.

Nate recently spoke at the Passenger Experience conference about bringing more personalization onboard to alleviate the fear of flying, and he is a specialist when it comes to taking customers emotional and behavioral needs into account when designing business strategies. To read the full article in Skift, click here.

Jun 2018