Smart Design’s Light Collaboration with Gantri is a Commendable Feat in 3D Printing


Taking inspiration from the duality of living and working within the same space, Smart Design and Gantri teamed up to create a lighting collection that doesn’t try and blend home and work, but allows for transitions between these distinct use case to help people focus when they need to and relax when they don’t. The launch introduces new challenges to the manufacturing capabilities of Gantri, and kicks off an independent design venture for Smart Design. The Aim collection officially launched in November 2021. 

For many of us, our homes now operate as offices, and our products at home are doing twice the work they used to do. Within these new constraints, the New York-based Smart Design found their lightbulb moment—quite literally—for a four-piece transitional lighting collection they just released with 3D printed lighting manufacturer Gantri.

Smart Design Industrial Design Director Dan Grossman said the idea for their new Aim Collection began with the challenges of fitting office space into a compact home environment. Grossman says for the New York-based team, “we’re living in small spaces, and space is really precious. So now we’re having to retrofit our homes—where I used to eat dinner is now my desk. So how do you outfit your desk? And how do you turn your dining room table into your new workspace?”


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Nov 2021