Pharma Times:

How to create value with beyond the pill services


The ‘bad-pharma’ tag still hanging over the sector makes it difficult for businesses to know how to find a balance between prioritizing profits and patient well-being. More intriguing possibilities for data analytics in healthcare are being made possible through information generated by electronic health records, mobile health technologies and more.

Smart’s VP of Strategy, Anna Soisalo, was featured in Pharma Times this month, exploring best practices on how to develop a ’beyond the pill’ strategy, and answering questions such as, “is there more of this problem that we can solve in a way that benefits our patients and is profitable?” As healthcare becomes more personal and digitized, companies must decide how they can positively impact a patient’s care ecosystem as well as building a closer relationship with them.

Companies must also make sure their offering is unique and leverages their expertise, and they should look to collaborate in outside sectors and learn from other industries. Smart Design has worked with Ford to develop the Dynamic Shuttle concept, allowing urban commuters to request trips on-demand through a smartphone app. What’s to stop senior figures at big pharmas reaching out to Ford, or another car manufacturer, to compare their experiences and responses to digital disruption?

Anna identifies more key considerations for pharma businesses looking to develop new outcome-focused services, while also being careful to avoid their motives being misinterpreted. Click here to read the full article in Pharma Times online.

Dec 2017