Creative Mornings:

Creative Mornings partner with Smart Design for voice UI prototyping workshop


Voice as a technology affords designers the possibility of creating user experiences that require no screens or physical controllers – elements that have been standard bearers for the digital industry across several decades. By shifting beyond these constraints, voice tech opens new doors to the digital world for many that were excluded in the past. As this nascent technology emerges to be applied in new ways, we as designers should be excited to explore how it can create compelling interactions for a diverse range of people.


Smart Design has partnered with Creative Mornings to bring the New York design community the opportunity to get hands on experience prototyping with this technology. In a Field Trip workshop on December 5, participants will be guided to think through voice UI interactions from the perspective of the user, and the situations and needs of people that are not yet being addressed, from the simplest to the most complex.

Technology Director John Anderson will share his first-hand experiences in exploring, experimenting with and piloting voice solutions with companies such as the BBC and PepsiCo, and challenge the audience to look into the limitations and gaps in the way such smart technologies are being delivered in our everyday.

To join this Field Trip in our Chelsea, New York studio, visit the Creative Mornings website.


Nov 2018