Smart Cities World

Design paves the way toward a new personal mobility


Car-sharing services and ride-hailing services or clubs such as Zipcar provide the convenience of a private car without the burden of maintenance, parking fees or insurance – we call this MaaS, or Mobility as a Service. This on-demand behavior has the potential to scale into something sustainable and useful for all of us. Jasper Dekker was recently featured in Smart Cities World exploring how user-centered design is the key to achieving new mobility access.

He notes that the solution lies in the integration of existing and new modes of transport, and we can bring all our mobility together through 3 main enablers: open data, open payment and open guidance. “With these three enablers in place, personalization algorithms have all ingredients to surface journeys for every individual, while keeping an eye on the bigger picture that is the city and the millions that live in it.”

Leaning on inclusive and user-centered design principles will help us build a deep understanding of our cities’ citizens so we can create experiences that are inclusive, safe and relevant, and also answer everybody’s needs, while helping to bridge tech companies and local governments. To read the full article, click here.

Oct 2018