Digital Health:

Developing a new way of doing healthcare


With an abundance of mobile health apps on the market, new mobile technology has the potential to change the way healthcare is provided.

The way smartphones act and the high value of mobile technologies in underdeveloped regions gives healthcare workers the opportunity to try out ideas that could eventually work in developed countries. However, the problem faced by many healthcare workers in developing countries is that there is not always access to healthcare records or easy ways to identify patients.

With Simprints, developed in conjunction with Smart Design, the patient information is loaded through a fingerprint scanner, and the electronic health record is accessed through Bluetooth and stored in the healthcare worker’s mobile phone. It is designed to be easy and intuitive to use and links together huge electronic patient record systems.

These systems are beginning to make an impact in providing convenient access to a much larger group of people at a potentially lower cost.

Originally published at Digital Health.

Jun 2016