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Senior Design Strategist, Jamie Nicholson, and Senior Interaction Designer, Mark Breneman will be leading Smart Design’s Interactive Session on ‘how large corporations can launch new ventures at the speed of a startup’ at this year’s Design Leadership Conference on September 25th-27th.

The team will focus on the barriers to launching innovation and how the design process of today can evolve to address these challenges so solutions can make it out of an organization’s pipeline. In their session, Jamie and Mark will explore techniques and strategies that help corporations build confidence in the desirability, viability and feasibility of a new idea.

DMI’s fall leadership conference brings together design and innovation leaders to discuss how creating flexible adaptable cultures within organizations can adjust and thrive in rapidly changing environments.

For more information about the conference and for a full list of speakers, click here. Be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter.

Sep 2016