Fast Company:

Gatorade Gx recognized for 2016 Awards


The Gatorade Gx Platform, designed in collaboration with Smart Design, has been crowned as a finalist at this year’s Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards. Receiving a distinction for the User Experience category, the cutting edge platform was recognized for its first-to-market innovation in delivering personalized sports fueling recommendations to elite athletes.

The long term innovation brings together biometric data and electrolyte-enhanced fluids in the cloud, with a smart patch calculating sweat rate and composition directly from the athlete’s skin. Leveraging new technology and a wealth of sports science intelligence, Gx is hydration redesigned – for the individual athlete – in a highly customized, data-centric way.

Finalists will be celebrated at this year’s Fast Company Innovation Festival on November 3rd, and highlighted in the October print issue of Fast Company. See the full list of awards here, and follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #IBD2016.

Sep 2016