Fast Company:

Water Watcher lights up as you’re wasting precious water


If the drought in California continues this winter, the state could run out of water in as little as a year. But despite the scary statistics, and a plea from Governor Brown for residents to cut water use by 20% earlier this year, a few places–like L.A.–are actually using slightly more water than before.

Part of the problem is that most people don’t know how much water they’re using at any given time. Water bills come long after the fact and don’t say anything about how much is used in a specific place, like the shower. That’s why a new gadget and app is designed to help make water use easier to track.

The Water Watcher device easily connects to pipes in any sink or shower. Using a flow sensor, it tracks exactly how much water is coming out of a tap. A small display shows a series of rings that illuminate every time a gallon flows by. An app keeps track of how is used over time.

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Sep 2014