Marketing Profs:

Four ways design can help you market to women


In an age of increased gender fluidity, blurred gender roles, and “femvertising,” it can be a minefield to market specifically to women—especially young women. Marketers talk of Millennials—a group ranging from Malala Yousafzai to Miley Cyrus—and how they are a tricky group to target, especially when a gender-specific product is at the heart of the sell. After all, many young women don’t want to be targeted by gender at all.


However, there are ways to do this thoughtfully, taking a human-centered design approach; underpinned by a more sensitive and thorough methodology to discover exactly who your audience is and what they will respond positively to. The best approach is to “walk in their shoes” before offering any solutions.

Read on in Marketing Profs for Design Director Stephanie Yung‘s four expert takeaways aimed at those marketers looking to create impact with discerning female audiences.


Nov 2018