From Fertility to Identity: Design can dismantle isolation


Stephanie Yung joins 99u for a longer conversation about how the design process helped her cope with the fertility process.

After her Master Class at the 2019 Adobe 99u Conference, Stephanie Yung, Design Director at Smart Design, speaks to 99u about parenthood, her life as a designer, and how Smart’s “design for one” methodology influenced her fertility process.

Stephanie shares her deeply personal experience along the fragmented fertility journey that led to Project Junior, a prototype app that aims to bring together data, task tracking, reminders, and a mood indicator that allows you to update your community on how you are feeling and where you are in the fertility process.

She furthers the discussion on how new motherhood has evolved her idea of mentorship and leadership as a designer. “Mentorship is important to me. It’s important to be responsible for what designers we’re putting out there in the world. Who is going to be designing the future for my kid?”

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Image courtesy of Julia Hembree Smith

Jul 2019