Future of Mobility:

FT Summit to feature Anna Soisalo


As part of the Financial Times Live conference series, the inaugural FT Future of Transport Summit will assess the true potential of emerging mobility solutions for people and business, and consider their wide-ranging potential impacts. As traditional modes of transport are being redefined by autonomy and connectivity, the future of transport will impact everything from our jobs to the way we travel in cities.

Anna Soisalo, business strategy expert and Smart Design Executive Director, will give a feature presentation on the topic of designing for an inclusive mobility ecosystem. She will explore how organizations can create value for complex networks of stakeholders, and uncover why this is an imperative to success in the new mobility ecosystem. Smart’s perspective on making your mobility solution a reality will include insights on the path to moving successfully from pilot to launch, balancing the needs of citizens versus the city and commercial players, while pre-empting unintended consequences in our shared mobility future.

The power of inclusive design is in its ability to create a mobility future that works for all, whether that's someone who's visually impaired, helping the elderly extend their independence, or even giving teens more freedom to move safely and seamlessly in dense urban environments. Designing successful mobility ecosystems has to mean that everyone thrives - from the city, to its citizens, and the businesses within. We're excited to share how we can do just that.

Anna Soisalo
Executive Director

The summit takes place on November 29 at the Hilton Tower Bridge Hotel in London. For more information on speakers and topics, visit FT Future of Transport Summit or hear more from FT Transportation editor Peter Campbell in the video below.

Aug 2018