Fueling the Future:

Unveiling our work with Gatorade’s Hydration Platform


Smart Design and Gatorade, one of the leading brands of sports beverages, have worked together to develop and launch a “Sports Fuel Strategy and Tracking” platform that delivers a personalized hydration experience for elite athletes on their respective fields of play.

To move beyond the typical introductions of new bottle shapes and flavors, Gatorade partnered with Smart Design to create a long term innovation platform that allows Gatorade to support and deliver on an athlete’s nutritional needs in a highly personalized, data-centric way while also unlocking new business models.

“As our lead innovation partner on the Hydration Customization Platform, Smart Design helped us expand beyond products to cutting edge physical and digital service platforms,” said Xavi Cortadellas, Global Innovation and Design Senior Director at Gatorade. “Utilizing prototyping and iterative piloting, Smart Design collaborated closely with our Design Innovation team and PepsiCo R&D to quickly identify the most meaningful offerings to our athletes that extend our brand into the personalization space.”

“The innovative and progressive brands today think beyond the simple selling of products and stretch their business models,” said Tucker Fort, Partner & Expertise Lead of Smart Design. “They engage with consumers on new platforms, which in turn delivers increased value over time. We are proud to have partnered with Gatorade, a brand that clearly values design and innovation leadership and fully embraced prototyping and piloting to successfully develop and commercialize a new physical and digital ecosystem.”


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Jan 2016