Packaging World:

Gatorade Hydration App uses Wearable Sensor, Smart Bottle, & Refill Pod


Smart Design and their longtime partner, Gatorade, collaborated to design the Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle. This tech-enabled squeeze bottle was designed to help athletes set and track their daily hydration goals. It’s the heart of an ecosystem that positions Gatorade as a leading innovator in athletic performance. 

Is it packaging, or is it a durable product? Durable, refillable containers with disposable refill packs certainly blur the line. This new fitness drink system from PepsiCo’s high-profile active lifestyle brand Gatorade is again a little bit of both, and frankly, most of the LED electronic whizzbang gadgetry behind it is more of a durable product than a package. One doesn’t simply dispose of that kind of tech. But packaging plays at least a supporting actor’s role in the system, and it’s just too cool not to cover.


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Nov 2022