The Science Times:

Sweat Patch technology could be applied for coronavirus research


Smart Design has partnered with Epicore Biosystems and Gatorade for our most recent ecosystem innovation work on the Gx Sweat Patch and App, which generates personalized sports nutrition recommendation so athletes can perform at their best. This digital ecosystem combines wearable technology that captures an athlete’s sweat rate and electrolyte concentration directly from the skin with a smartphone app that processes the data using machine learning, eliminating the need of a traditional lab.

We’re extremely pleased to see the Gx Sweat Patch technology being tested to meet the needs of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers believe the sweat analysis made possible with the smart patch could provide important information to track health conditions.

The makers of the smart patch Gx believe that it can be used in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. These patches are used to measure the components of the sweat among athletes. It is also believed that these can help healthcare workers by providing them information to determine if a case could become life-threatening.

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Apr 2020