CMO by Adobe:

Heather Martin explores 5 trends driving the rise of product to platform


Companies from varying sectors are making the switch from marketing their products, to transforming them into platforms that offer customers connected service ecosystems. In an effort to shape the platform’s brand, role, and purpose, CMO’s are driving both the product development and expansion of these initiatives. This shift is creating new partnerships between companies in diverse sectors, enabling disruptive innovation and faster responses to consumer demands.

In her latest feature for, VP, Design Heather Martin identifies 5 key technology, commercial, and behavioral trends that underpin this rise in product to platform offerings. Heather explores several examples of how brands are increasing customer loyalty throughout various sectors, while tailoring products and services to customers’ individual needs.

Heather states, “Staying ahead of sector trends, mining consumer and usage data for insights, and encouraging consumers to voice any unmet needs around the brand will help inform a company’s personalization strategy.” Smart’s own collaboration with Gatorade on the Gx Platform exemplifies how a brand can transform their product into personalized service experiences.

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Apr 2017