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How inclusive design is Smart Design


Smart Design partner, Tucker Fort, spearheads Smart’s multi-year partnership with PepsiCo, most recently as the innovation lead crafting the Gatorade’s Gx personalized sports fuel platform and service offering. He sat down with Fast Company to chat about our history as a pioneer in inclusive design, and how these principles continue to inspire the work we do today.  

Highlighting Smart’s decades-long collaboration with Oxo, Tucker pointed to these market-leading innovations as experiences that help us to replicate similar success with other brands. “Those fundamentals still guide us today because it’s really a convergence of meeting people’s functional needs, their emotional needs, but then also using technology in a really subtle way to deliver on that,” he shared. 

Tucker illustrated the importance of Smart’s iterative and agile prototyping process, where multidisciplinary teams continually experiment with new products, services or experiences within our on-site shop and digital lab. “When we make something up really quick, we’re going to learn something no matter what – we’re either going to learn it’s a great idea, a terrible idea or the act of prototyping is going to inspire a new idea that we would have never had if we were just sitting at our desk,” explains Tucker. 

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Nov 2017