Aviation Week:

Inflight experiences made for you


As inflight connectivity is becoming more commonplace, there is greater potential for airlines to get to know their passengers personally. Data analytics and machine learning are making it easier to unlock personal information to better tailor inflight entertainment services and optimize the entire onboard experience. Personalization proponents believe that by offering entertainment and retail choices onboard based off personal preferences, passengers will be able to spend less time choosing and more time sitting back and enjoying their flight.

“Infinite choice is paralyzing to the human psyche…As the choice increases, the effort of choosing increases, and confidence that your selection was the right choice decreases,” says Strategy Director Nate Giraitis. With the overhaul of entertainment that can now be available inflight, a personalized approach provides a way to cut through this noise. During his keynote at last month’s Passenger Experience Conference, Nate unveiled Smart’s travel concept, KITE. Aimed at building trusted relationships with anxious flyers, KITE was conceived to connect with an airline’s inflight entertainment system.

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May 2018