SDN Touchpoint Journal:

Jamie Nicholson featured in Business as Unusual


“Service design professionals need to do more than create compelling blueprints and journeys to build actual services: They need to embed themselves into the detailed mechanics of operating and scaling a service experience in a nimble, fail-fast fashion. By nurturing a mindset of constant experimentation, combined with a deep understanding of what Smart Design calls a ‘Design to Launch’ approach, service designers can build breakthrough experiences that import startups’ agile and super-fast methodologies while also enabling meaningful design.”

What is ‘Design to Launch’? With examples from Smart’s work, strategy team members Jamie Nicholson and Gordon Hui outline their process and provide tips to overcome barriers to innovation in large organizations. Smart has used the Design to Launch framework to successfully bring innovations to market, including our work with Pepsico’s Drinkfinity, and with Ford on the Dynamic Shuttle. Accessible to Service Design Network members, click here to read the full article in the latest edition of SDN’s Touchpoint journal.

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Apr 2017