John Anderson to speak at IxDA World Interaction Design Day


This year marks IxDA’s Inaugural World Interaction Design Day. Hosted by IxDA NYC and Adobe, this year’s event will celebrate diversity and inclusion, featuring a series of speakers exploring how designing inclusively can help you effect change across all different levels.

Sharing learnings from designing a personalized voice technology system for a woman living with sever MS, Smart’s Technology Director, John Anderson, will be speaking about his experience as a ‘fixer’ on BBC Two’s television series the Big Life Fix.

Working through rounds of experimentation and prototyping, John will uncover obstacles faced when tasked with creating an accessible solution for one user with extreme needs.

John will be joined by two other experts, Marie van Dreissche and Elisabeth Fosslein, exploring designing inclusively for deaf people and designing an organizational culture that fosters a feeling of belonging. Individual talks will be followed by a panel Q&A. To sign up for the event on September 25, click here.

Aug 2018