Nailed it: Behind the Redesign of OXO’s Expandable On-the-Wall Organizer


Smart Design and their longtime partner, OXO, collaborated to redesign their beloved and award-winning Expandable On-the-Wall Organizer. Core77 recently reported on how Smart’s Associate Design Director, Will Merrill, successfully led the redesign process.

Inspiration can be a tricky beast in industrial design. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that most design innovation has already happened, particularly when the project is a redesign of a pre-existing product. Most projects won’t end up being a category game changer like the iPod or the Tesla. Oftentimes what we do as designers is evolution, not revolution. Experience working on many ID redesign projects has taught there is always room for improvement. The road to long-term product success is an ongoing journey of refinement. The designer’s job is to discover those improvements which add value for both the client and the end user. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project or product, the process is identical: focus on the projects in front of you and apply the same care, attention and human-centred collaborative approach – because that’s where inspiration will reveal itself. The process is where the magic happens…

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Aug 2021