Telegraph UK:

Nate Giraitis explores five ways smart cities will change driving forever


Smart cities are increasing around the UK, as they leverage information and communication technology to make infrastructures more interactive. Simultaneously, an influx of connected vehicles in these cities has the potential to dramatically change the way we drive. Strategy Director, Nate Giraitis was featured this week in Telegraph, highlighting different ways smart cities will change driving forever:  keeping drivers safe on the road, increasing mobility and creating more space.

“In some cities parking takes up one-third of all land area and privately owned cars spend 95% of the time not being used. It’s highly understandable that a lot of talk about smart cities focuses on drivers and cars.”

Better parking, including the introduction of smart parking services and a reduction in the number of parking lots can lead to better and more efficient opportunities for space to be used. And when vehicles are more efficiently parked and routed, there will be fewer road expansions – leading to more available areas for pedestrians and bicycles to utilize.   

Smart sensors also have the potential to provide increased safety for all drivers on the road. “The real excitement is leveraging machine learning to understand traffic congestion and detect accidents as and when they happen, trying to avert the accident – or at a minimum, ensuring emergency services can quickly get to the scene and other traffic can be redirected,” says Nate.

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Jun 2017