No sweat. Smart and Gatorade’s newest innovation


Read the press coverage about the latest innovation in the Gx Platform, the Sweat Patch.

Gatorade Gx is a cutting-edge sports nutrition personalization platform guided by the core vision that every athlete is unique, and therefore hydration should be fully-personalized for maximum benefit.

Smart Design has worked with Gatorade as the lead innovation partner on the platform for the last five years. The newest innovation is the Gx Sweat Patch, which brings pro-level diagnostic testing and personalized sports fueling to all athletes.

The collaborative design and development from Gatorade, Smart Design, and Epicore Biosystems resulted in the first ever single-use sweat analytics system that provides sports fueling and recovery recommendations to help athletes maximize their performance. The thin and flexible patch transforms the once-cumbersome process of sweat analysis into a simple system that extracts physiological data that can be captured with a companion smartphone app and translated into an athlete’s unique sweat profile.

Recently launched at TED, our own Tucker Fort was interviewed at the event and shared how the Gx Sweat Patch works, the personalization elements, and why testing is so important when learning how to scale effectively. Read the full article on TED.

Because Gatorade is growing their ecosystem of products—fueled by technology and design—they have been recognized as an innovation leader, showcased by their Fast Company Innovation360 profile.  The profile focuses on the Gx Sweat Patch and the process behind making it happen. Read the full profile and watch the video on Fast Company.

May 2019