Fast Company:

One-day deliveries are breaking our cities


Jasper Dekker, Senior Interaction Designer shares four delivery ecosystem solutions cities around the world can adopt.

Our cities are getting more and more congested as one-day delivery services increase in popularity across the world. In a recent article on Fast Company, Jasper Dekker, Senior Interaction Designer, outlines the impact that this may have on our cities in the long run.

An increase in one-day delivery services can lead to unsustainable levels of congestion, pollution, and overall disruption in our cities. While it may not seem like a lot of innovation can happen to reshape delivery ecosystems, there are a number of developments making way to alleviate some of the stressors one-day delivery services have on our cities. How can designers and consumers create more efficient and sustainable delivery ecosystems? Read “One-day deliveries are breaking our cities” on Fast Company to learn four solutions cities around the world can adopt.

The conventional wisdom of a free market economy suggests that healthy competition will drive down the price of deliveries, which in turn benefits consumers. Of all the things that can be done to address the problems with home deliveries, a common thread is that when the various parties involved work together, conditions improve for everyone. Regulators can think of ways to reward behavior that benefits the city and its citizens over profit for logistics companies.

Jasper Dekker
Senior Interaction Designer
Dec 2019