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CX innovation in B2B


Customer experience is now an urgent priority for B2B engagements, not just B2C, in every sector of modern business and innovation. From a design standpoint, there are challenges of designing user experiences as part of B2B projects, but mastering CX is more complex than conventional service design.

At the core of improving and understanding the CX approach is our reliance on understanding the emotional and people-centric aspects of what you’re doing. “At Smart Design”, says Executive Director Anna Soisalo, “we start to address this problem within a company by creating a CX vision and strategic framework. The crucial step involves distributing CX knowledge and relevance throughout the business.”

An expert on helping clients transform their businesses through a design-led approach, Anna recommends pulling together a committed team from various parts of the business to successfully complete a CX project, rather than following the usual emphasis on marketing or brand. Applying CX thinking to business problems that have multiple end-users is a tough challenge, but one that a focused company with a strategy should be rising to meet.

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May 2018