Why the cannabis industry is a designer’s dream


Last month, Smart Design hosted a Makeathon, a team-based competition over a span of 12 hours to develop ideas against design prompts, evaluated by design and cannabis industry experts. Participants were given the chance to invent, reinvent, and generate a new perspective on what the future of the cannabis industry might be.

With a projected revenue of $35 billion by the year 2020, there is abundant opportunity to design, create, and make robust tools, systems and structures that will improve cannabis’ path to market. As the industry continues to shift with the growing legalization of cannabis, the doors open for even more design opportunity to help users engage with the industry and redefine old habits and behaviors in a new context.

Nicole Bacchus, Smart’s Associate Director of Strategy in the New York studio, shares five major themes that are leading designers to re-think this entire industry. To continue reading in PSFK, click here.

Oct 2016