Ideas that transform


Tucker Fort, Smart Design partner, alongside Xavi Cortadellas, Gatorade’s Global Innovation & Design Director, co-presented the concepts behind Gatorade’s brand evolution into the next 50 years of sports fuel customization at this year’s PSFK Conference.

Tucker and Xavi touched on the connected bottle and sustainable pod delivery, designed to customize a unique nutrition recommendation, tailored to each individual athlete’s carbohydrate and electrolyte needs. Through data-centric smart cap tracking, athletes are able to refuel on the field through a fully personalized experience that takes into account unique performance and hydration data.

With this shift into the personalization space, Gatorade’s brand perception is beginning to further evolve and drive growth into new product and service models.

As Fast Company recently noted, “This is the future of athletic hydration. It’s also the future of Gatorade.”

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Photo by catalina Kulczar

Jun 2016